Wood Turning

How To Sharpen Woodturning Tools

In this video I show you how to use the Kodiak sharpening system. This jig allows you to easily sharpen your gouges.


Woodturning Lignum Vitae Lidded Box

In this video I turned a lidded box from a turn of the century Bocce ball. I’m pretty sure the inlayed pieces are Ivory. Lignum vitae is one of the hardest wood in the world I ended up using Easy Wood negative rake cutter to shape it. I sanded and finish the box with Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut finish.

Woodturning Wave Sphere

Mike and I cast this piece a few weeks ago at his shop. I cut the blank on the bandsaw using a circle jig I made, and recast the blank. The sphere is 5 1/4″ and made out of Stone Coat Counter Tops supper cast epoxy.


Shop Remodel

We remodeled the mobile shop in time for our next road trip. I under coated the floor, and built a mobile cart for a new Harvey lathe and Kodiak sharpening system. I also installed a Harvey Champion bandsaw.

Woodturning | Carbon Fiber Bowl

We teamed up with Stone Coat Counter Tops to create this one of a kind carbon fiber bowl. We cast a piece of carbon fiber cloth in epoxy, and I turned it on the lathe into a bowl.